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About UIG

Committed to Protecting Labor

Since 1997, Union Insurance Group has provided expertise, extraordinary service, and customized business insurance coverage to help keep Labor strong. 6,000 labor organizations across the country trust UIG for their business insurance protection and peace of mind. From Locals to Internationals, Apprenticeship Programs and Taft-Hartley funds to Councils and LMCCs, no Union entity is too small or too large; too basic or complex for our program. And we are licensed in every state.

We Understand Labor

We Protect Labor

We are Labor

Union Insurance Group is 100% Union Organized

This means that each and every employee is a card-carrying union member.

Our knowledge of the complex union market coupled with our superior service empowers our customers to understand their coverage and take advantage of competitive and consistent pricing year after year.

The Right Choice for Labor

Union Insurance Group provides knowledge of the complex labor market, acclaimed customer service, and competitively-priced customized insurance.

Our “A” rated carriers trust UIG because of our expertise and track record insuring thousands of labor organizations of all shapes and sizes. Our friendly staff takes time to assess each customer’s unique risks to ensure the right coverage is provided seamlessly.

We make ease of doing business a priority, from the moment a customer comes on board, through the entire working relationship. Because we never oversell or provide inflated prices, we can continually provide significant savings on premiums while enhancing the overall coverage.

Capital Stewardship Counts

Supporting the Labor Movement is as profoundly important to Union Insurance Group as it is to your Labor organization. We believe that buying Union is the right thing to do. UIG is the best choice to safeguard assets, protect leaders, staff and trustees while doing their jobs.

Selecting Union options at every opportunity will strengthen our future in solidarity. And choosing Union Insurance Group not only impacts your bottom line, but also helps to fuel the Union economy. The difference is rooted in Capital Stewardship, a key fundamental of organized labor.

While insurance claims comprise 50 million man-hours of Labor every year in America, too much of the work is done with non-Union labor because it is generally less expensive. It is time to take a stand and change that methodology to fill these jobs with our skilled brothers and sisters.

Union Insurance Group’s program creates jobs in a variety of union trades and industries by guaranteeing our insureds the right to hire Union workers for reconstruction and repair work prompted by insurance claims. The more we band together, the greater impact we will make.

I’ve worked with Union Insurance Group for a decade now and have the utmost appreciation for their top notch service. They’ve also come through in the educational aspect by giving informative presentations to unions in our state to help explain in realistic and easily understood terms, how to match the right insurance to cover our distinct risks.

Jimmy Fish, Executive Director, Oklahoma Building Trades